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Helen Harvey offers mounted, unmounted and equine movement clinics for riders, limited to a maximum of six participants. They can be structured as one-time one or two-day clinics, or ongoing for a day or half day a month for several months, and topics can be combined, depending upon the interests of the participants.  You can also sponsor a clinic in your area.

I use techniques from Centered Riding® and the Feldenkrais method, to work with you and your horse to enable you to more easily ride in balance, while following the movement of your horse. I help you obtain a more balanced seat, allowing you to follow and influence your horse’s movement.


Makes you aware of the movement patterns you use in your daily life and on your horse and gives you tools to move beyond your habitual patterns.  Tools include Awareness Through Movement lessons geared towards equestrians, and unmounted exercises designed to help you move more fluidly, with better balance on your horse.  We also work on exercise balls and saddles to help you change your patterns when on the horse.  This might include how you turn in the saddle, how you position your legs, or how you use your back to influence the horse.

Equine Movement
Helps you understand why some movements are easier for your horse than others.  Learn how to evaluate a horse’s movement and acquire tools to make it easier for your horse to balance easily while moving in any direction.  Learn specific techniques to use for ribs, back, pelvis and neck to increase fluidity and flexibility.