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Developed by engineer and martial artist Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), the Feldenkrais Method of movement education is a unique approach to human movement and learning.  Feldenkrais lessons address the way unconscious patterns of movement and muscular holding lead to pain and injury.  It gives the person the ability to move in a more functional way, using better body mechanics and reducing unnecessary effort.  The resulting movement patterns utilize the skeleton for support, and use less unnecessary effort, reducing strain and tension throughout the body.  It improves everyday movements and refines highly skilled activities, by changing habit patterns and ways of moving. Lessons take place either in a private hands-on session or in a group class.

Benefits of Feldenkrais

The method’s application ranges from rehabilitation and injury prevention to musicians, dancers, equestrians, and other athletics. 

Enhance performance
  • Coordinate the whole body for power, grace, and ease
  • Interrupt unconscious movement habits, which inhibit creativity.
  • Reduce the effects of stress and tension, and improve posture, balance and breathing.
  • Increase flexibility & range of motion without stretching or straining.
  • Discover new and recover lost movement options
Recover from and prevent injuries
  • Restore function after an injury
  • Prevent secondary compensations after an injury
  • Chronic pain - reduce muscular holding and ease movement restrictions that contribute to pain
  • Neurological conditions, (such as stroke, M.S., C.P., and Parkinson's) - improve coordination, ease of movement, stamina, and stability.
  • Repetitive stress injuries - learn to use your body more efficiently and avoid the stress and strain that comes with misuse.
  • Stay active & flexible, and restore lost function as you age.





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