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“...make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.” - Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

We all move as we walk, run, and perform, and play. The chances are that you don't think about how you move. Is it much easier to look over your shoulder in one direction than the other? Is it easier to bend to one side than the other? What parts of your spine, ribs, and pelvis are able to move as you turn and bend, and which parts are unable to move easily? The Feldenkrais Method® helps you understand why some movements are easy, and some are more difficult or painful. It gives you the ability to move more easily and fluidly, using better body mechanics. Moving more easily increases your enjoyment of athletic activities. You have additional tools to use when learning new skills, and increased mobility for athletic activities such as riding, yoga, dancing, or playing an instrument.

Why does your horse find it easier to turn to the left than the right? Why is your horse very girthy? Why is it difficult for your horse to balance on three legs to clean his feet, or for the farrier? The Sense Method helps you understand why some movements are easier for your horse than others, and makes it easier for your horse to balance easily, and move in any direction.

How can you improve your ability to give clear aids to your horse and use your body more effectively? Centered Riding® gives you tools to become aware of your movement patterns and how they influence your horse. It gives you the ability to move more fluidly, with better body mechanics so your and your horse can communicate more clearly.

Moving well reduces tension throughout the body, so you and your horse use less effort in daily movements, lessening or eliminating pain.

Contact: helen@harmonyinmotion.biz

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